Korg, Metronome, Humidi-Beat -White HB-1-WH

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Korg, Metronome, Humidi-Beat -White HB-1-WH

Monitor your instrument‘s environment! Announcing the Humidi–Beat; a portable metronome with a built–in thermometer and hygrometer.

  • Portable, full–featured metronome provides enhanced rhythm training for every instrumentalist
  • The built–in thermometer, humidity detector, and clock provide an easy way to care for the instrument by monitoring conditions inside the case during storage, moving, etc.
  • Beat–Counting display makes it easy to practice rhythms and phrasing
  • Tempo can be set using traditional Pendulum Steps, Full Steps, or Tap Tempo
  • Beat Mode offers from 0 to 9 Beats, plus 5 Patterns to practice any style of music
  • Convenient memory backup function recalls the users favorite settings
  • Battery–saving auto–power off function
  • Available in either Black (HB–1–BK) or White (HB–1–WH)

This personal metronome is an ideal practice aid for every band or orchestral player. When not in use, the built–in thermometer and hygrometer monitor the temperature and relative humidity inside the case, helping to protect and care for the instrument. A handy clock feature is also provided.



Tempo range: 
Quarter Note = 30 to 252 BPM

Tempo accuracy: 

Tempo setting: 
3 Types: Pendulum Step
Full Step
Tap Tempo

Beat range: 
Total 10 beats: “0 to 9” as “Quarter–note” Rhythm

Rhythm pattern: 
Duplets, triplets, triplets with inner beats omitted, quadruplets, and quadruplets with inner beats omitted 

Loud / Soft / Mute

Temperature measurement range: 
Celsius 0–50?
Fahrenheit 32–122F 

Humidity measurement range: 
20 to 90% RH 

Display = 24 hours
Monthly difference = Less than ±30 seconds

Piezo Speaker

Power (Battery): 
CR2032 lithium battery (3.0 V) x 1

Battery Life: 
Approximately 80 hours (In case of “Tempo=120, Quadruple time, Volume=Full”)
Approximately 1 year (In case of “Clock” mode)

Dimensions (W x D x H): 
90 x 16 x 30 mm / 3.5 x 0.63 x 1.18 inches (Body only, without protruding portions)

31 g / 1.09 oz (Including battery)

Included items: 
CR2032 lithium battery (3.0 V) x 1 for checking operation; Ball chain for attaching to case