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Buy T C Helicon, Vocal Monitor, VoiceSolo VSM-200 XT, 996550051

T C Helicon, Vocal Monitor, VoiceSolo VSM-200 XT, 996550051

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The VSM-200XT VoiceSoloXT is an active personal monitor from TC Helicon that offers improved sound, better looks, and a lower price than the original model. The VSM200XT monitor lets you hear the stage mix you need without all the feedback! You get intelligible, natural vocal sound thanks to an ICT (Inductively Coupled Technology) point source driver; a rugged, efficient cast aluminum enclosure; and a clean, quiet 150W BASH amplifier with a built-in limiter. Non-electrical methods are used to couple the tweeter with the woofer making the tweeter virtually indestructible.

The VoiceSoloXT Active Voice Monitor mounts on your mic stand with included hardware to save floor space. Attach the hardware to your stand once, and the monitor will pop on and off. It also rocks back to 3 different angles on the floor. Features mic and line inputs and a pass-thru to connect additional VSM-200XTs or VSM-300XTs (sold separately) in parallel. A front-panel volume control lets you decide how loud you want your monitor mix and does not affect the level going to any other monitor or the mixing console.

VSM-200XT active monitors are portable and versatile to meet your monitoring needs as they vary by venue, the size of your group and the level of your performance or practice. The VSM-200 VoiceSoloXT can be used in numerous mounting positions including the highly practical method of integrating VoiceSoloXT into your boom mic-stand, saving stage space. However, conventional options can also be used: like the floor wedge position, on a stand without a boom, or stand mounted for side fill or small PA.

Cast aluminum enclosure
Simple setup with most mic stands
Point source super-efficient 6-1/2" woofer
Indestructible high-frequency transducer
150W (200W peak) BASH amplifier with limiter
Mic and line input with XLR cascade connector
Front-panel volume control
Integrated tuned port doubles as carrying handle
116dB peak SPL at .5m
Dimensions (W x H x D): 7" x 9" x 9-3/4"